Privacy Please! How to use Storify Internally

Can you use Storify to make private stories or handle internal communications at your company? You bet. Here are just a few examples how.


  1. Over the years, we've seen Storify stories used in everything from big-time brand campaigns to award-winning news coverage (including Pulitzer prizes!).
  2. But as popular as Storify's become for widely-distributed content, we've always heard from brands and publishers who want to use it for private stories or internal communications as well, which is why we developed Private Stories for Storify Enterprise.
  3. There's a basic description of Private Stories on the Storify Enterprise page. Keep reading for ways to get the most from this feature.
  4. Still not sure how you'd use Storify for internal communications or private stories? Let's glance around at the Storify community for some examples.
  5. Share your social playbook

  6. HBO's Storify stories often capture the results of social campaigns.
  7. It's no secret that HBO's social media teams are stellar at what they do, but with so many shows and promotions happening throughout the year, how do they keep track of what was said and who responded?
  8. Browse HBO's Storify account, and you'll find a blueprint for social success.
  9. What they're doing: Using Storify's search, filtering and team collaboration options, companies like HBO can quickly curate anything relevant to their social campaigns – what their accounts posted, fan participation, influencer reactions and more.
  10. How stories like these can help internal communications: For social teams, these stories can serve as a visual archive of what was produced, or be shared with a company's higher-ups to prove the campaign's ROI.
  11. Private stories could even take these to the next level, allowing employees to explain in-depth metrics or learnings without worrying about revealing sensitive information.
  12. Turn your Social Media Managers into company heroes

  13. At larger companies like Cisco or Walmart, a lot is often happening behind the scenes. How do they ensure things like their employee advocacy efforts, volunteer programs or positive PR aren't getting lost on social media? With the Walmart Newsroom and Cisco Careers Storify accounts!
  14. What they're doing: Cisco's employee efforts are often organized around certain hashtags or accounts on social media. With Storify, these can come together in one place.
  15. See how Cisco's employee volunteer efforts get turned into an incredible story for the company on their Cisco Careers account.
  16. Likewise, the Walmart Newsroom uses Storify to extend the reach of employee or PR efforts, turning reactions online into a story the whole company can share.
  17. The Walmart Newsroom is taking care of business by turning positive press and reactions into interesting company stories.
  18. How stories like these can help internal communications: If your social media team is Storifying company efforts or positive press, it's a win-win: employees who participate get highlighted internally, and the rest of the company can easily see the effectiveness of internal programs or press outreach.
  19. With private stories, your social team can reap even more benefits. Seeing feedback or FAQs being directed at your company? A private story can be used to quickly package these real-world examples for your Product or Support teams without exposing the problems publicly.
  20. More on Private Stories

  21. How else are people using Private Stories on Storify? While we can't show you actual examples (they're not publicly visible, silly), we can fill you in on FAQs and common use cases:
  22. • How do they work? By default, Storify profiles and public stories are visible to anyone and SEO-friendly. On the other hand, Private Stories are only visible to the logged in owner of the story by default. When a private story is published, it's given a special, obfuscated URL that others can use to view it. Private stories are also invisible to search engines.
  23. Can I still embed Private Stories on other sites? Yes! Many companies use internal or password-protected areas for company communications, so we've made Private Stories embeddable to use in these places if needed.
  24. Private Stories are available on Storify Enterprise only. If you'd like more info about Storify Enterprise or want to contact someone about turning it on for your account, click here.