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The latest online news tools and great connections -- from Storify at #ONA12

A hackathon in our offices, a happy hour for our friends, an election panel, introducing Twitter's CEO, new award, a new T-shirt -- we had a great ONA conference. But the best part was lots of conversations with our users about our new Election Page and bookmarklet.


  1. The Online News Association represents one of our best communities -- wired journalists and social media types who were among our earliest adopters, staunchest critics and most steadfast defenders. So we were thrilled that the ONA conference this year was in our back yard, at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco. 
  2. We kicked off the weekend with a hackathon in our offices, welcoming technologists and communications types to sunny Suite 404 in the Storek Building near S.F. City Hall. 
  3. On Friday we began manning our booth on the midway, meeting users and handing out the latest Storify T-shirt. Below, our community manager Bo Hee Kim shows off the look. The Wall Street Journal's Liz Heron wore one on her panel later in the week. Did you get one? Tweet a photo!
  4. On Friday our cofounder Burt Herman introduced Twitter CEO Dick Costolo.
  5. Costolo gave some previews of Twitter's plans, and said he hoped to allow downloads of all tweets by year's end. 
  6. On Friday night we sponsored a happy hour that drew luminaries like Jeff Jarvis. 
  7. Saturday night we took home some more hardware for our trophy rack, winning for Technical Innovation in Journalism. 
  8. We were also honored that other winners such as Homicide Watch and Voice Of America noted that they used us in their work. 
  9. Elections 2012 -- A panel worth Storifying

  10. On Saturday, Herman appeared on a panel about the elections, which he called "the most social ever." See a story on the panel by clicking on the link below. 
  11. This election is the most social ever. That is already affecting how news spreads, how journalists and others react, and how stories are told.
  12. Election memes have become a part of coverage, sprouting up in a hurry around whatever strikes people as odd or funny. 
  13. This year has also seen the birth of instant election memes, riffing off of news like Clint Eastwood's empty chair speech that spawned the #eastwooding hashtag. The Denver Post pulled together some of the most hilarious takeoffs on that topic: