New Storypal module lets you create Storify stories from within Drupal

Have a Drupal website? Now you can create Storify stories right from your site dashboard thanks to a new Drupal module.


  1. What is Drupal?

  2. Drupal is a content-management system used by developers to build more than 10 million web sites. 
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  4. The new module and filter system, built by Belgian computer engineer Pol Dell'Aiera, will allow Drupal users to do some of the things our WordPress plugin allowed users of the blogging platform to do. The three main functions added with the module are:

    -- The ability to create, edit, publish and share Storify stories from within the Drupal dashboard.
    -- The ability to import all your Storify stories to your Drupal site. 
    -- The ability to post one story at a time on your Drupal site by pasting in one link.
  5. "The really exciting thing for us is to see a community of developers working with our API," says Storify CEO and co-founder Xavier Damman. "Pol has done a great thing on his own to develop this, and many web masters of different sites will benefit. We built an open API for exactly this reason. We want engineers, developers and all kinds of innovators to connect with Storify."
  6. We believe this has great potential for Drupal developers, and our thoughts seem to be shared by others. The founder of Drupal tweeted about our platform over the weekend. 
  7. Several great Storify users post their stories on Drupal sites. Here are some examples of Storify stories posted on Drupal:
  8. Want to know more? You can see a demo here. Download the Drupal module on GitHub here. Download on here. And let us know if we can help by emailng

    Look for more exciting new integrations and collaborations to come!