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Storify and Twitter's evolving developer guidelines

Some of our users wondered what Twitter's latest change for developers means for Storify. A top Twitter exec says we're fine - in fact, we're singled out as a good example. And the love we got from our concerned users? Priceless. Thank you.


  1. This afternoon, Twitter's Developers blog announced changes coming to the company's guidelines around how other companies can integrate with their service. 
  2. Many asked our thoughts.
  3. To be honest, at first there were question marks coming out of our heads. What did this mean? Then we heard from a top Twitter exec, platform chief Ryan Sarver:
  4. Here's what really touched us. Some of our users voiced their support:
  5. Our take:

  6. Twitter is a huge part of the social storytelling experience and an amazing source for people sharing what's happening around them. We have always linked to Twitter and allowed our users to interact with tweets. And we aim to do the same with other major social networks that are all sources in Storify, such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and others.
  7. Hope that's cleared up now. And really, thanks for the support. Oh, and by the way: Not only are we not going away, we're growing ... and hiring!
  8. At least we had something to laugh about

  9. Here's that confusing graphic from Twitter that caused such an uproar. Actually, we added a few things to the upper right quadrant that they say applies to Storify. :)