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Now you can capture Twitter conversations with Storify and Tweetbot

Ever see a great conversation on Twitter and wish you could somehow capture it, comment on it, and share it? Now you can, thanks to a new partnership between Storify and Tweetbot.


  1. How do you capture an exchange on Twitter that is newsworthy, important, hilarious, or bizarre? With a screenshot? It's easy to capture tweets one at a time - but much more difficult to grab an exchange of tweets. Yet increasingly, that's where the noteworthy information on Twitter is - in conversations. Throw in the fact that many of us check out Twitter on our iPhones and iPads, and you have a whole audience of Twitter users watching these great conversations disappear into thin air right in front of them. Gone forever.
    Not anymore. 
    Tweetbot, called "the best Twitter app in the App Store" by The Business Insider - and many others - released a new version - Tweetbot 2.3 - today (Monday, April 30).  Included in this version is a new integration with Storify that allows you to capture Twitter conversations on your iPhone or iPad and immediately create and share a Storify story about the conversation right where you are. 
  2. "Sharing is what Twitter is all about. Prior to Storify the only way we could share an interesting set of Tweets was to post a screenshot," says Tapbots Founder Paul Haddad, who developed his company's client Tweetbot for the iPhone and iPad. "Now Storify makes that a simple process within Tweetbot." 

    "Fantastic conversations happen all the time on Twitter," says Storify co-founder and CEO Xavier Damman. "But no one sees them unless they happen to be following both people involved and be on Twitter at that time. Now, thanks to the best Twitter client for the iPhone and iPad, you can capture and share those conversations with Storify."
  3. Here's how it works:

    1. See an interesting @reply on Tweetbot and swipe to the right to reveal the entire conversation.

  4. 2. From the drop-down menu, click to Tweet this Conversation

  5. 3. A new story is automatically created on your Storify account linked to your Twitter account. If you don't have a Storify account or if your Twitter identity is not linked to your account, it will automatically create a new Storify user. 

  6. 4. A tweet is generated with a link to the Storify story of the conversation. Add your own message and share it with your followers!

  7. 5. Your followers can now click on the link and enjoy the conversation on Storify.

  8. You've just captured, posted and shared a Twitter conversation right from your iPhone or iPad, wherever you are - something you could never do before. 

    Because the conversation is on Storify, you can always go back to add more background, commentary, more about the people in the conversation or any other social media. And all the tweets remain dynamic and interactive. And, of course, you can embed and share your Storify story anywhere. 
  9. And don't forget, you can also do all this on the iPad. Here's a look: 

  10. The early reviews are in:

  11. The new Tweetbot version with Storify integration went live today at 8 a.m. PST. Grab it and start grabbing great conversations off Twitter to capture and share. 
  12. Tweetbot, the Twitter client created by Tapbots founder Paul Haddad and Mark Jardine, has a 4 1/2-star rating in 4,000 ratings in the App Store. It has been called the best Twitter app for iPhone by The Business Insider and many others. See more about Tweetbot here: