#socialvote: Getting ready for election night

How are news organizations preparing for the most-wired Election Day ever? We brought together thought leaders in journalism to talk about it

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  1. How are news organizations preparing for Election Night? How will they use social media to both engage and promote their stories? See what top social media journalists said in Storify's Google Hangout via this YouTube video:

  2. For the first time, voters won't be alone in the polling booths.

  3. Smartphones and social media mean that campaigns can reach citizens regardless of campaigning bans near polling places. Even before the first results are released, voters will be talking with friends online about their choices on election day, possibly influencing the course of the election while it’s happening.

    And the latest twist will be Sandy, and how the storm that struck the east coast might affect voting as the long campaign nears the finish line.
  4. How can you prepare? Our panelists for the discussion were:

  5. @lilacina: Lila King of CNN
  6. @lexinyt: Alexis Mainland of The New York Times
  7. @JulieWestfall: Julie Westfall of Digital First Media
  8. @cbellantoni: Christina Bellantoni of PBS Newshour
  9. Moderated by Burt Herman, Storify co-founder

  10. Here's how the discussion went on social media during the panel:

  11. First off, why use social media?
  12. Which social networks?
  13. Twitter plays a big part.