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Need great story content? Just search Storify

A new feature in our story editor makes it easier than ever to find great content for your stories.


  1. Whether you're new to Storify or a seasoned pro, you've probably spent some time in our story editor searching for content from a number of sources:
  2. Today we'd like to point out a nifty new addition to these. In the story editor, click on the Storify icon to discover a "Search" option:
  3. The next time you're doing a story about something topical, check out Storify Search. It'll automatically show you the most popular elements being used on Storify related to that topic, helping you find great content quickly.

    People on Storify are collecting and adding context to over one million social media elements a month, so letting everyone tap our database to find the most relevant quotes, images and videos for their stories is pretty exciting for us.
  4. If you need a Pope joke or don't know how to speak Russian, Storify Search has you covered. 

  5. As an example, a few days ago the Pope shocked the world and announced his retirement. The Internet rushed to cover the news and gauge the world's reactions, and many popular quotes ranged from sentimental to snarky. This one was especially popular:
  6. Before, discovering great quotes around trending topics was like trying to find a tweetle in a haystack, but now it's simple. Go to Storify Search, click Quotes, and type in a topic:
  7. Or how about the meteor that recently caught the world's attention when it appeared over Russia? We saw great social media content rushing in throughout the day, but a lot of it was in Russian! How were people finding and featuring those great dash cam videos?
  8. Well, it would have been no problem with the video area of Storify Search:
  9. Of course, this is just one of many options you have when creating great stories quickly on Storify. As always, you can still click over to other icons in our editor to find something specific, or save content directly from the web via the Storify bookmarklet. Use whatever suits your story best, and have fun with it!
  10. Thanks for sharing your stories. 
  11. --Your friends at Storify