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Schoolify - A look at some of 2011-2012's best college journalism on Storify

Student journalists are some of our best Storifyers. The 2011-'12 school year marks the first full school year student journalists could dig into our platform. We're saluting some of their best stories. Know one? Tweet the link to #schoolify.


  1. From his dorm room, a watchdog writes a story praised by national media

    Ben Doernberg, a Wesleyan University junior (and non-journalism major) Storified the police raid and arrest of journalists at Zuccotti Park in New York. Doernberg's story focused on reporters being arrested and denied access, and the student journalist has his professional colleagues' backs in a time of need. The Washington Post and The Atlantic embedded Doernberg's story, and Read Write Web wrote about his work. 
  2. You can watch Malsin get arrested at the 2:10 mark of the video below. He repeatedly states he is a reporter, and shows what he tells me is a UN press credential
  3. Tracking slayings with multi-media to sum up a case

    Lindsey Anderson, editor in chief of American University's Eagle Online, used Storify to track the story of Washington, D.C. slayings, pulling together news stories, photos and videos and summarizing the case as it went to trial. Because her story was interactive, dynamic and embeddable, anyone wanting to understand this tragic story could dig in and learn about the crimes' impact in a human way. 
  4. On March 21, 2010, 19-year-old Sanquan Carter's bracelet, with fake diamonds, went missing at a party. Infuriated, Carter, his brother Orlando Carter and Jeffrey Best allegedly opened fire at the party.
  5. Video: Deadly shooting spree in Southeast
  6. Live-blogging a conversation between huge personalities

    Al Gore and Sean Parker -- two huge personalities -- sat down together at SXSW to discuss the internet. Sara Peralta, a Texas State graduate student, live-blogged the interview between vice president and internet entrepreneur and pulled it together in a Storify. A reporter practicing her craft in public pulled her notes together and republished in a larger form that recorded the event. 
  7. Vice-President Al Gore joined serial entrepreneur Sean Parker for a conversation about internet and democracy at SXSW Interactive. The conversation was largely dominated by the former vice-president. Gore set the tone for the conversation by stating that "our democracy has been hacked, it no longer works the ways its supposed to be." 
  8. Capturing the color of an entertainment tradition

    Student work on Storify doesn't have to be hard news. Maddie Gregory of Baylor used Storify to capture the color and energy of a school tradition -- the All-University Sing. With photos and video she brought an event to life that would not have been as lively in print. An interactive story allowed readers to engage in a new way with a favorite program. 
  9. Crowd-sourcing fan reaction to a shocking upset

    Sports and "social watching" are new areas of social media journalism. What do fans have to say about a great game -- or a stunning upset? When Missouri fell to Norfolk State in the NCAA Tournament, the Columbia Missourian captured fan reaction in a new way. One reporter interviewing fans might've been able to catch up with a half-dozen. Crowd-sourcing the same story connected the Missourian was a whole fan base. 
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  11. Know a great piece of student journalism on Storify? 

    Tweet the link to #schoolify. We will continue to add to this story as the school year wraps up.