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Now on Storify: Photo Uploads, Captions and More

Storify Enterprise accounts can now upload and caption media in stories.


  1. Today we've added one of our most-requested Storify Enterprise features to the story editor: photo uploading.
  2. We know what you're thinking: Storify's been around for years - what took so long!? The truth is, manual uploading and hosting of images on Storify is something we originally left out of the original product vision on purpose.
  3. Yep, by allowing storytellers to easily find and embed publicly-available media from elsewhere on the web from the beginning, Storify could always add attribution info and link back to it automatically. In the early days, this auto-attribution helped Storify become a favorite for journalists and publishers. (And yeah, possibly saved some stories from copyright disputes. You're welcome! 😉)
  4. Today, there are millions of Storify accounts, and with big brands or entire newsrooms using Storify Enterprise, the need for uploading things like staff photography or brand logos has never been greater:
  5. Have you ever noticed the two quote marks that form the Storify 'S' logo? Mind = blown.
  6. Thanks to a new upload mechanism and special agreement with Storify Enterprise users, we're excited to finally bring this functionality to the story editor.
  7. Drag, Drop, Done

  8. Image uploading is as easy to use as the rest of the story editor, meaning you can simply drag and drop files right into your stories. Our uploader will take care of the rest.
  9. Drag staff photos, company logos or even gifs anywhere into your story.
  10. Want to use the same image in another story later? You'll find it stored in the new "Photos" section of the Storify source.
  11. The Photos area appears in the Storify source on Storify Enterprise accounts.
  12. Get in on the Caption

  13. As reporters pull in photos from the field or brands bring in images from their events, sometimes more context is needed to give proper attribution or tie it to your story. That's why we've included a new caption feature with photo uploads.
  14. Click on the caption area under any uploaded photo to add center-aligned text that can be styled or hyperlinked.
  15. Updated Controls Keep Everything In Line

  16. Speaking of styling, we've added new in-line text editing options while typing. When you open a new element, you get options for making it a header, adding a horizontal rule or uploading images:
  17. As you start typing, these controls morph into all available text editing options:
  18. Type or highlight text to see all editing options in-line. From left to right: Make header, add timestamp, link, anchor link, bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough
  19. While photo uploading is for Storify Enterprise accounts only, these new in-line controls are available to everyone. We hope they make story editing easier than ever while making other great features easier to discover. (Seriously, anchor links deserve way more love!)
  20. We can't wait to see how Storify Enterprise accounts put photo uploads to use along with other recent additions like real-time collaboration and advanced Twitter search. All of these features are made possible by the great feedback we constantly get from the Storify community, so feel free to give @Storify a shout if you have questions or requests moving forward.
  21. As always, enjoy, and thanks for telling your stories with Storify!