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Our vision for Storify

We want to share our vision for Storify and why we believe it's important. We've had a great start so far, and together we will disrupt how we inform the world. Thanks for being part of our story.


  1. Everyone is now a reporter. Whenever something happens on this planet, eyewitnesses, experts and celebrities share what they see and react on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ... and whatever comes next.

    We believe this is a tremendous opportunity to be better informed. The voice of people on the ground, living through events that resonate far and wide, need to be amplified so that we can understand our world.

    But with this opportunity comes a big challenge: there is so much noise online and no one has the time to sift through it all. Regular people busy with their lives just want the story.
  2. That’s why we built Storify. Our goal is to amplify the voices that matter by enabling our users to make sense of what people are reporting on social networks, to find meaning and provide context.
  3. As a social media editor, you can easily curate any social media stream to create engaging stories. You can share your stories or publish them on your own site. 
  4. As a reader, you can discover the most important voices and get the social perspective on stories that matter to you. Find the best elements on social media to engage with the best experts or witnesses on the ground and share astonishing pieces to your friends.
  5. As an organization or brand, you can own your social media and tell stories with the voices of your best fans.
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