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New York Times edits best of Instagram for storm, Fashion Week

The New York Times customized Storify to edit photos from Instagram and bring together the most compelling images from this weekend's east coast storm and Fashion Week


  1. We couldn't agree more here at Storify, and editing to find the meaning in the noise is what we're all about. 

    The link in the tweet above by New York Times social media editor Alexis Mainland goes to a page on the Times' site powered by Storify, where the newspaper asked people to share their best photos of the east coast storm on Instagram by tagging them with #NYTstorm:
  2. You can find the page here:
  3. Unlike many stories that are about collecting what's already out there on social networks, the Times involved their audience in the story. Rather than publishing a one-time post collecting a few photos and calling it a day, they created a living, dynamic page that gave readers a reason to keep returning to see the latest photos culled from social networks.
  4. The page was built by the Times using the Storify API, which lets developers pull the media data from a Storify story to come up with alternate displays than the usual Storify embed. The Times is also using a similar page all this week for New York Fashion Week, pulling together Instagram photos tagged #NYTFashion:
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  6. At Storify, we use the API ourselves to display stories as well as power our slideshow view, which you can select when grabbing the embed code at the top of a story here:
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    Picture 2013-02-11 at 2.21.55 PM.png
  8. If you'd like more information about our API, you can find it on our developers page:
  9. And if you have any further questions or need any help, please always feel free to get in touch: support[at]storify[dot]com
  10. Enjoy, and thanks for sharing your stories.

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