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New Updates for Logged-In Storify Users

We've optimized Storify's logged-in homepage experience to assist and inspire storytellers.


  1. Today we're happy to roll out a redesign of the logged-in Storify experience.
  2. But first, remember when we completely overhauled the Storify homepage and story editor recently?
  3. With our homepage redesign, we wanted to better explain the power of Storify and offer up some common use cases for inspiration. At the same time, our story editor saw major upgrades under the hood, including the ability to collaborate with others in real time.
  4. Today's update follows through on these same goals of helping optimize and inspire for the logged-in experience on Storify.
  5. Log In and See

  6. Did you know stories can have three different states on Storify?
  7. Draft stories have not been published.
  8. Edited stories have been published, but have saved changed waiting to be published live.
  9. Published stories are live, and all edits have been published to readers.
  10. The status of stories (and where to find them while they're in progress) hasn't always been obvious to story creators, so we're making this clearer in the new "My Stories" area seen after logging in:
  11. By default, you'll see all stories labeled with their current status here. Avid story creators can click over to the Drafts, Published or Edited sections to quickly sift through those sections.
  12. The controls for editing, previewing or deleting stories are also easier to use. Just hover over any story to bring them up.
  13. Storify Enterprise accounts can also access two other story types from My Stories:
  14. Private stories are not visible to others on your profile and can only be accessed with a special URL.
  15. Collaborations are stories you've worked on with others. Moving forward, new stories you collaborate on will appear here.
  16. Just Browsing

  17. Need some inspiration before starting your next story? Click on the "Browse" area at the top of the new logged-in homepage:
  18. Here you'll find the latest from hundreds of featured Storify users and the people you follow from your account.
  19. Interested in becoming a featured user? Have some feedback about our latest updates? Feel free to give us a shout @Storify anytime!
  20. Enjoy, and thanks as always for telling your stories on Storify.