Let's Get Visual: Getty Images are now on Storify

Storytellers can embed Getty Images in their stories via a new, dedicated source in the Storify story editor


  1. We're introducing a new photo source in the Storify story editor by Getty Images, which recently opened up millions of its editorial and rich conceptual images for embedding purposes. It's the Getty "g" logo at the top of the source panel on the right side of your editing dashboard.
  2. Note: Have you customized the sources displayed in your editor in the past? You might not see the Getty Images source appear by default. Try clicking the "+" symbol pictured above to find and add it today.
  3. With this source, millions of professional images are now at your fingertips, allowing you to add more high-quality visuals to your next story. This is the first-ever premium source we've added in Storify, complimenting social photo sources like Twitter, Instagram and Flickr! 

    Here's how it works:
  4. Want high-quality images related to anything topical? Get "Editorial"

  5. Click the "Editorial" filter when searching the Getty Images source to find great content from photojournalists at or near the scene of the action. 
  6. Covering breaking news? Need photos from the red carpet on the night of an awards show? Or maybe you'd like to share the scene of a major sporting event like the World Cup. It's all in Editorial:
  7. Ok, World Cup fans. Calm down already.
  8. Want to liven up stories with classic conceptual imagery? Get "Creative"

  9. For almost any story idea, you can find rich conceptual photos under the "Creative" collection in Getty Images. These are perfect for dressing up your story's cover photo on Storify or making your next announcement a little more visual.
  10. We imagine bloggers and businesspeople will be pretty excited about this one.
  11. The Getty Images source is available today

  12. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out any time. Otherwise, we definitely encourage you to try out the new source in your next story! Just be sure to note that Getty Images content can be used via embed for non-commercial purposes only. Need some clarification or more info on that? No problem: Getty Images has helpful info and FAQs on their embeds here.
  13. Enjoy the photos, and thanks as always for telling your stories with Storify!