How To Use The New StoryPad Tool

One of the coolest new features of our new editor interface is the StoryPad, which makes it easier than ever to collect material from around the web for your story.

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  1. Ever find something online you'd like to use in your own story or blog post? Now you can do that, with the click of a button. Here's a quick tutorial on using our new StoryPad tool. To start, create or edit a story, then click on the new Storify logo on our source menu. Grab the Storify bookmarklet, move it to your bookmarks bar, and you're on your way. 
  2. Watch the video below to see the StoryPad in action. 
  3. Using The New Storify StoryPad Tool
  4. And here are two other great functionalities of the StoryPad:
    1. You can pull all kinds of elements from Facebook into your Storify stories, just by clicking the StoryPad bookmarklet when you find something you like. 
  5. 2. You can select text from any site and click the bookmarklet to pull it onto your StoryPad. 
  6. Pull text from any site
  7. Here's the type we pulled in from clicking Storify in the screenshot above. 
  8. Aspiring editors should bring a laptop and a bit of investigative drive; no experience is necessary. Doug Reside, the digital curator for the performing arts at the New York Public Library, will offer participants a brief tutorial on how to edit an entry properly, as well as “a quick overview of some important collections at the library that are not well represented in Wikipedia’s current articles.” The musical theater angle, he explained, is a function of location, scholarly interest and the me
  9. One of the best features of the StoryPad is that you can share what you've collected with other people. So a team of reporters can work with the same material, an editor can round up material for a staff to see, or you can just pull things together to show a friend. Enjoy collecting story elements from around the web with your StoryPad.