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Storify's guide to a social media election

It's a social media campaign season for publishers, voters -- and especially campaign managers, who must build an entirely new tool kit for 2012. Here's how to get started.


  1. Your social media elections toolkit

  2. Our 2012 Elections page gives you tools for getting started on Storify, using Storify to manage your campaign's social media, and harnessing the real-time web as a campaign worker, journalist and voter. 
  3. Learn from the big guys

  4. The two biggest campaigns in American politics have been Storifying for months. Team Romney has 122 Storify stories. The president's team has 63. Both of their social media teams do a great job covering events. Take a look at their stories for ideas. The Romney team embedded a Storify of their recent bus tour to get 38K views on this story. The president's team Storified the first lady's trip to the Olympics in this story. 
  5. Raise money or enlist volunteers with the button we built for the Obama campaign

  6. At the request of the Obama campaign's social media team, we built a button you can put in any Storify that directs to any link. Team Romney has also adopted the button. You can use it to drive conversation of any kind - sales, traffic, signups, anything. To add the button, just highlight text, click the paperclip icon on the top left of a Storify story, and add the url you want to direct traffic to. Whatever text you highlight will be written on the button. 
  7. Search your district for Twitter mentions

  8. You can search Twitter by location on Storify and pull together the relevant tweets around your event, issue or candidate. (See pic below.) 
  9. Capture, share and embed videos of a candidate's speech

  10. Romney speech outlines battle with Obama
  11. You can make sure potential voters see your candidate's best speeches by pulling YouTube videos into Storify and embedding or sharing the stories. 
  12. Capture press mentions and save them

  13. You can search on Storify for mentions of your candidate or campaign, and pull those links into a story. Because Storify is free to use, you can do a daily digest of press mentions, and comment or share the links as you wish. 
  14. Here's what the top news link looks like pulled into a Storify story. It remains dynamic, clickable and sharable in embeds, too. 
  15. Collect, curate and share Facebook comments and posts

  16. Facebook is getting very political -- whether users like it or not. You can collect and re-use comments about your candidate or cause with the Storify bookmarklet and use Facebook search to find more people's views on an issue. 
  17. Create a Facebook event and Storify comments

  18. If you're holding a campaign event, a great way to get it shared is with a Facebook event. That also creates a mini-community, with a wall on the event page. You can collect those comments with the Storify bookmarklet.