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Google Analytics, Typekit and more integrated into Storify Business

Storify Business users can now get more metrics and use the vast array of fonts available from Typekit


  1. Great news, Storify Business users! Today we're giving you more ways to track metrics of and further customize the look of your Storify stories.

    Analyze This

    Beyond the simple view counts seen on free Storify setups, Storify Business users can now track their stories in Google Analytics to better understand their traffic and readers. 

    In the Settings area of Storify, hop over to "Options" now to plug in your tracking code. You'll see the metrics for your Storify stories show up on your Google Analytics dashboard after that. New to Google Analytics, or not sure where your tracking code is? Google's got you covered:
  2. Just Your Type

    One of the biggest pieces of feedback we heard from those interested in Storify Business was that they'd like to be able to match their blog or website's fonts exactly when embedding stories there. Well, font fans rejoice! We've integrated Typekit into Storify's embed settings.
  3. Typekit's incredible selection of fonts is now at your fingertips when customizing Storify embeds. Simply find your fonts on Typekit and integrate them in the Embed Style area of Settings. Ready to get started? You can find more information about how to integrate Typekit here.
  4. One More Thing(s)

    Did you notice the new options we recently snuck in for your Business account? We hid them in, well, Options.

    The next time you're in your account settings area, be sure to take a look. We've jammed some minor delights and major feature requests in there (with more coming soon), including:

    • Infinite scrolling on your embeds
    • Turning comments on and off for stories
    • Disabling access to the embed code of your public stories
    • Hiding your view counts from others
    • Enabling or disabling related stories from other Storify users
  5. Curious about what other premium features are out there?  We've stocked this page with plenty of info and visuals for everyone:
  6. Enjoy, and thanks for being a part of Storify Business!