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Five different ways to tell the 9/11 story with Storify

On the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, how did people and news organizations mark the historic date with social media?


  1. It's the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Social media was not a part of our lives then. How can it be used now to share photos, memories, social objects?

  2. Whether through photos, stories, video, or a moment of silence, today Americans are commemorating the anniversary in their own ways. Here are a few Storify stories that marked the day.
  3. People tweeted where they were when the attacks happened and how they remembered it. Mashable has the story.

  4. Jeff Jarvis shared his 9/11 experience on Twitter, which Mary Bjorneby curated.

    The story is from last year, a powerful part of the attacks' 10th anniversary.
  5. The Toronto Star Storified a compelling overview filled with photos and tweets.

  6. News organizations covered the event in different ways. Media commentators provided analysis and included social mentions. 

  7. And while MSNBC re-airs all of its 9/11 footage, ABC News takes the complete opposite approach -- using only still images and avoiding video. Senior vice president Jeffrey Schneider tells me their thinking:
  8. And social media users marked the anniversary on their own accounts, posting photos on Facebook, viewing videos on YouTube, and also connecting on newer platforms such as Pinterest, where today for the first time many Americans shared images of a historic day. As with all news events, large and small, we are honored to help our users tell their own stories by using our website and bookmarklet to collect social media, helping us all to make sense of the world in new ways. 
  9. The Day the World stood Still.....Sept.11/2001
    The Day the World stood Still.....Sept.11/2001
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