Election Day 2012 through the eyes of the voters

Citizens of the United States went to the polls in national elections after a hard-fought campaign. For the latest media being collected on Storify, go to our election page at http://election.storify.com #elections2012 #election #obama #romney

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  1. After months of campaigning, rallies and debates, Americans voted Tuesday to re-elect President Barack Obama, who held off a challenge for the White House by Republican Gov. Mitt Romney.
  2. Even Big Bird is out voting!!!! Do your part!!!!
  3. The vote was the first U.S. national ballot to take place since widespread adoption of social media and smartphones, with many millions of people sharing their experiences online on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others -- giving a view of the election through the eyes of the voters themselves.
  4. Here's a look at some of what voters shared on Election Day as collected by Storify users. For the latest, go to our election page at election.storify.com
  5. Voting through filters by The New York Times

  6. Turning to the photo social network Instagram, the Times' Caucus blog asked people to share voting photos using the hashtag #NYTelection, and then used the Storify API to build this interactive display: 
  7. You can also view the latest photos they are collecting as a slideshow on Storify at this link:  http://storify.com/thecaucus/instagramming-the-election/slideshow . Here are some of the photos the Times chose from across the country:
  8. Happy Voting! The #beverlyhillshotel is proud to be a polling location for our community.
  9. New Jersey voters go to polls in Sandy aftermath

  10. Residents in storm-hit New Jersey were turning out to vote in record numbers despite still coping with damage from the storm, NJ.com reported, asking people to talk about #WhyIvote and collecting the replies in this Storify story:
  11. Some of the answers from locals there:
  12. What the presidential candidates are doing on Election Day

  13. The Toronto Star tracked the social accounts of Romney and Obama to show a glimpse of how they are spending Election Day in their story here:  http://storify.com/torontostar/u-s-election-what-obama-romney-are-tweeting-while 
  14. 'Hope of the earth': Romney hasn't tweeted as often as Obama on election day, but all his tweets encourage people to go out and vote. 
  15. Some updates from Romney: