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Wondering how to comment on Storify? See Sidenotes.

Storify stories now use Livefyre Sidenotes, the world's first widely-available annotation technology.


  1. When we announced our story redesign last week, we mentioned we'd been up to quite a bit since our acquisition by Livefyre. Today, we're excited to share more of this and announce that we've completely changed how comments work on Storify. 
  2. Say hello to Sidenotes

  3. Replacing comments on Storify is something we've wanted for quite a while. Our old comment areas lacked any features or proper spam protection, and since Livefyre is one of the biggest and best commenting solutions on the web, not having a good option available on Storify initially made things around the office, well... 
  4. Today, Livefyre launched the world's first widely-available annotations technology. Say hello to Sidenotes.
  5. We couldn't be happier to bring these to Storify, making the millions of Storify stories out there some of the first pages to see Sidenotes in action while bringing Livefyre features and spam protection to Storify finally.
  6. Here's how they work

  7. Sidenotes enable story readers to leave in-line, annotation-style comments in real time anywhere throughout your story. While moving through stories on Storify, they'll now see an icon for leaving a Sidenote near any text or story element they hover on:
  8. Readers can use these to attach Sidenotes to sections of your story or interact with Sidenotes others have left. It's a great way for your readers to engage with your content, not just themselves.
  9. Wanna see something cool? You can highlight text to leave a Sidenote on that selection or share the quote to Twitter or Facebook, linking back to your story. Try it now if you want!
  10. Your story's Sidenotes will stick around even if you move or edit the content they're attached to, though deleting the area altogether will remove its Sidenotes. 

    Since you can be notified about Sidenotes on your stories, it's easy to see some of the possibilities for these:
  11. • Have an editor, students, professor or peers leave thoughts in-line
    • Note an especially great point in your next twitter chat or event recap
    • Discuss your thoughts behind certain sections of a story with readers
    • Catch feedback or typos (though who maeks those?) from your audience
  12. Sidenotes are just getting started

  13. Today, Sidenotes are visible to those on only. In the next few days we'll continue to build out features for Sidenotes and enable them for readers on mobile devices.
  14. Eventually, you'll see Sidenotes enabled for Storify embeds as well. Until then, don't be surprised to see them appearing all over the web. Here's some of the early press:
  15. And a quick video from the team explaining some of the thinking here: