Breaking News is a source, Storify is on

You can now use BreakingNews as a source for news tips, and find vetted elements for stories.


  1. We're thrilled to announce our first source partnership with, owned by MSNBC. 

    Breaking News, otherwise known as @breakingnews, can be selected as a source on Storify. will also display a "Storify" button on their site that acts just like our bookmarket and browser plugin. They are the first outside site to feature these "Storify" buttons that help story creators find elements, while also preserving attribution to the original source.

  2. Breaking News delivers live breaking news 24/7 from all over the web via their Twitter account, but has more updates on their site, They were one of the first sources to tap into the potential of Twitter for news, and were acquired by MSNBC. 

    Storify is the leading social media curation and publishing platform, and this partnership will help our users tell stories.

    To try it out, click on your username at the top right when you're logged in on Storify and select "Settings" from the drop-down menu, then click "Sources." Drag "" from "Additional Sources" to "Selected Sources.

  3. Breaking News in the Sources settings
    Breaking News in the Sources settings
  4. You'll now see Breaking News as a source in the editing dashboard to use in stories.
  5. Breaking News as a source in the editing dashboard
    Breaking News as a source in the editing dashboard
  6. When you use an element from Breaking News, it will be cited as "via BreakingNews" -- just like when you quote from other people's Storify stories, as in this:

  7. This is just the start, we plan to add many other sources to help you create stories more easily. 

    Please us know what you think, and thank you again for using Storify!