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Storify Enterprise, New Features and a New Home

Today we're announcing Storify Enterprise, a redesigned homepage, an updated story editor and free new features for everyone.


  1. Last year, when announcing Storify had been acquired by Livefyre, we mentioned some of our long-term goals:

    • Build off Livefyre's extensive infrastructure and experienced enterprise sales team.

    • Keep improving the default, free Storify service our amazing storytellers use daily while adding new features for large publishers and brands.
  2. Today we're making our biggest push towards these since Storify's acquisition by announcing Storify Enterprise, an updated story editor and new, free features for everyone! Read on to find out more.
  3. First, Say Hi to Our New Homepage!

  4. With millions of people now creating and reading Storify stories each month, we've seen a number of use cases become commonplace across the web. What we've wanted for a while is a homepage that shows off Storify's incredible potential for new and seasoned storytellers alike, and that's exactly what we're excited to show off today.

    Hit up the homepage while logged out, and allow ourselves to introduce... ourselves.
  5. Collaboration is Key: Announcing Storify Enterprise and a Redone Story Editor

  6. Among our updates today, we're rebranding Storify's paid-for services as Storify Enterprise.

    And no, this isn't because we have Trekkies in our marketing department -- for years, Storify has gained adoption with major brands, publishers and organizations who have larger needs, ones the suite of services in Storify Enterprise is happy to tackle.
  7. To kick off the launch of Storify Enterprise, we're unveiling a new story editing experience and fulfilling one of our biggest feature requests ever: Real-time Collaboration.
  8. One bit of feedback we've heard from larger newsrooms, social media teams and bigger orgs was the same across the board: Storify needed a way for entire departments or groups of editors to seamlessly collaborate, fact check, edit and add to stories together.
  9. Well, after some major updates under the hood and months of beta testing with brands and newsrooms, we couldn't be more exited to deliver this in our story editor today.
  10. All Editors of Enterprise customers' stories can now enter, add and edit a story simultaneously. In addition, our story editor has been optimized for real-time collaboration with these new features:
  11. Enhanced auto save: No more forgetting to mash the Save button; your story's changes are now instantly saved per keystroke.
  12. Real-time cursor tracking and edit histories: If a story gets crowded, cursor tracking will show you exactly where everyone is. Not sure who made a change? Every element in the story now has a viewable history!
  13. Undo/Redo support: New Undo/Redo buttons save time (and possible editing mistakes) by allowing you to move back and forth between any changes you've made since entering the story.
  14. Anchor-linked headers: Now you can link readers directly to any header in your story, an ideal feature for breaking news, event coverage or lengthy social recaps.
  15. • Story settings and timestamps: Reporting breaking news or a live event? You'll now see a "story settings" option at the top of the editor for setting your story's time zone and an option for adding timestamps to your story's updates. Readers can even hover on these while reading to see when the update happened relevant to them.
  16. Yes! Jump into the story editor now, and in addition to a snazzy new coat of paint, everyone can enjoy all of these new features for free:
  17. Export stories as PDFs: Click the "..." options button, then "Export" at the top of your stories to generate a PDF that's perfect for archiving or offline uses.