1. Today we're excited to add some of the most-requested features ever to the Twitter source in Storify: an expanded search window, custom searches by time, dynamic location searching, reputation filters and more.
  2. We think these Advanced Twitter Search features make Storify one of the most powerful Twitter search tools outside of Twitter's own archive. Jump into the story editor now to try them yourself, or read on to see what we mean.
  3. A bit of history

  4. Twitter has always been the Storify editor's most popular source, and over the years we've done a lot to improve the experience of using Twitter and Storify together, such as integrating Embedded Tweets, producing custom Twitter Cards for stories and becoming a Twitter Certified Product.
  5. But behind the scenes, our Twitter source was simply a direct connection to Twitter's default, public Search API, and some of the restrictions there were less than ideal for certain Storify stories. Ok, maybe they were worse than we thought:
  6. Yep. If you've ever tried to Storify that week-long conference, ongoing social campaign or twitter chat from last week, you've probably run into the seven-day search limit.
  7. Beyond this, brands and publishers have sought other advanced search options, such as looking at specific windows of time or zeroing in on specific areas for geo-located tweets.
  8. Advanced Twitter Search brings all of this to Storify, which is why we couldn't be more excited to share it with everyone today.
  9. A fresh coat of paint and new features under the hood

  10. Expanding on our recent homepage and story editor redesign, we've updated the look and feel of the Twitter source. Here's its new default look:
  11. Under the hood, these Advanced Twitter Search features are available to everyone today:
  12. • General searches can return up to 10 days' results now
  13. • The "Type" filter can split results into tweets with images only or tweets with media (images, videos, etc.)
  14. • A new Location filter enables easy discovery of geo-located tweets. Simply type in a specific area and adjust the location range. (Perfect for "locals react" stories or seeing what's being said at the site of breaking news.)
  15. Advanced options for Storify Enterprise accounts

  16. Storify Enterprise customers will see even more options as part of their access to Advanced Twitter Search. Here's the updated source in Storify Enterprise:
  17. • General searches for Enterprise accounts can return up to 30 days' results now!
  18. • Within the 30-day window, results can be narrowed further by a new Date filter. Select specific dates, or even choose the "Custom" option to see tweets between specific hours: