Helpful Tips for Choosing a Self- Storage Unit

Unfortunately, most homes do not have near enough space to hold all of a family's belongings.


  1. Unfortunately, most homes do not have near enough space to hold all of a family's belongings. With a lack of storage, small spaces can seem even smaller because of piled up boxes and belongings. Thankfully, there are self-storage units that allow people to safely and effectively store their belongings so their home is free of clutter and they have more space. Those who are considering renting one of these storage units can use this information to help ensure they make the best choice for their storage needs. For more information on available rental units, visit Austin self storage.

    It is important a storage facility offers climate controlled storage. This means the units are kept cool in the summer months and warmer in winter. If a unit is not climate controlled, the changes in temperature and moisture levels can wreak havoc on a person's belongings and cause them to be ruined by mold and mildew growth.

    A person should also ask about pest control. Mice and other pests can also destroy a person's belongings, even if it seems there is no entrance opportunity. A good storage facility should have a pest control specialist to come out on a regular basis for pest prevention in the rental buildings.

    There are different sizes of storage buildings so it is important for a person to know exactly what they will be storing. To save money, it is important one chooses a storage unit that will be big enough to meet their storage needs without paying for space they do not need.

    Those in need of storing boats, cars, and motorcycles should ask the storage unit owner about storage for vehicles. Not every storage unit offers this service so it is important to research and find one that does.

    People should always visit a storage unit before they make a final decision. They should visit during the day and at night to determine what type of security is in place. A storage unit facility should be well lit and should have a security guard in place or at least a locked gate to keep people out at night. Ideally, a facility should also have video surveillance.

    Renters also need to make sure they ask about late payment policies. Some facilities hold the right to auction a unit's contents if the renter is late on a certain amount of payments.

    If you are looking for a rental unit to help you store your property away, visit AAA Storage provides superior storage services so people can rest assured their belongings are safely stored.