Cambridge First 2013-2014: "Perfect Storm" links

One of the cool things about doing "The Perfect Storm" for the Cambridge exams this year is that it's the first reading (that I know of) that is set in the modern media age. Here's a collection of links that are connected to the story of the storm and the Andrea Gail.


  1. Here's a short video that shows the damage the storm caused to the eastern seaboard (east coast) of the United States:
  2. Weather History: The Halloween Nor'easter of 1991
  3. This longer video shows some of the weather reports that were broadcast at the time:
  4. This video below is kind of scary because you can see how the three storms combined to make one mega-storm:
  5. 1991's Perfect Storm — From Space | Video
  6. The Perfect Storm - WPIX News
  7. The Halloween Storm, Also Known as "The Perfect Storm" - 1991
  8. As the story points out, the Andrea Gail wasn't the only boat to encounter trouble in that storm - not by a long shot! This is the actual video of the second rescue described in the book (starting on page 60) - the rescue of the Satori, with Karen Stimpson, Sue Bylander and Ray Leonard.
  9. Perfect Storm Rescues: S/V SATORI
  10. And finally, for those of you who are really into marine engineering, search and rescue, or are simply curious, here is the US Coast Guard's official investigation report.