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The Badware Hunter

StopBadware and BlueHost worked together this fall to create a fun, educational video for website owners and users unacquainted with the concept of website malware. The result was this video about "hunting down badware," published at the outset of National Cyber Security Awareness Month.


  1. Since BlueHost posted it on their YouTube channel, the video has been viewed over 10,000 times. 
  2. The prolific Graham Cluley of esteemed StopBadware Partner Sophos kicked off our video's National Cyber Security Awareness Month press with a lovely blog post, which you can see on Sophos's high-traffic Naked Security blog: 
  3. From Threatpost's blog: "Security often is discussed in super-serious terms, using metaphors and analogies from the military or medical communities to underscore the gravity of the situation. But the truth is, some of this stuff is pretty funny, and the folks at know this. To explain the way that attackers use compromised Web sites to infect unsuspecting visitors with malware, the group put together this video featuring actual human people dressed as Web sites." 
  4. F-Secure's blog post about the video consisted of two lines: "This StopBadware video by Bluehost is simply too odd not to share...And it offers some decent advice for keeping your website secure." We took that as a compliment.