Your Reactions: Anna Brown's Death

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  1. Anna Brown's death sent waves of shock and sadness through our community. Many turned to Google to find the details of her death, to Facebook to find ways to act and to Twitter to tell their friends.
  2. We are constantly updating a roundup of the comments, petitions and tweets we're seeing from readers and residents. Here is what we are finding:
  3. The story resonated deeply with readers as it touched on two highly-controversial issues in the news: institutional racism and health care accessibility.
  4. With Trayvon Martin's death fresh on the minds of many, residents wondered if Brown's race was a factor in her treatment.
  5. They always think if your black your on drugs no the girl was sick.... It had nothing to do with her family, point blank the police and hospital killed this women and need to be punished!!!!
  6. This incident was not only our totally crappy healthcare system, but racism. The police assumed, due to her resistance, and I believe, her skin color, that she was on drugs.
  7. Anna is all of us caught in a jaded healthcare system...... i am profoundly saddened and sickened, at the insensitivy , to think that you can be taken from a place of healing/safety to a cold jail floor with evil patriarchal men and die, make me want to go postal, this story comes at a already reeling time of class warfare and a racist society, trying to make sense of unnessecary loss of young peoples
  8. Brown was homeless and on Medicaid, and people following the story wondered if her health insurance status contributed to the situation. The Supreme Court is examining the constitutionality of health insurance reform this week.
  9. A petition demanding healthcare for all Americans in Brown's honor already has more than 11,500 signatures.
  10. Brown's story launched a Facebook page, which now has more than 7,700 followers in just 24 hours.
  11. Anna Brown's story is today's 19th most popular political article on Reddit! Go on Reddit and up-vote the story. Tell your friends to up-vote it too. Let's put it on the front page where it belongs.
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  13. this was soooo horrible to me i watch it over n over trin to understand why god bless your soul ANNA BROWN.
  14. Totally rediculous what happened to this poor girl!! The doctor should be charged with murder!! She was so young!!