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STEM seminar recap: the marriage of education and business opportunities

On May 23, from 7:30-9, the St. Louis Business Journal hosted a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) seminar at the Living World at the St. Louis Zoo. Here's a recap—from the importance of early education to some impressive stats about STEM jobs available vs. tea


  1. Before we get started, if you have thoughts about the future of STEM in St. Louis, be sure to join the conversation online using the hashtag #STEMSTL
  2. Our panelists for the hour-long seminar included: Mike Downing, Director at Missouri Dept. of Economic Development,
    Kevin Token, Senior Director at BSA Life Structures, Cheryl B. Schrader, Chancellor at Missouri University of Science and Technology, Sharon Frazee, Vice President of Research and Analysis at Express Scripts, and special introductory speaker: Terry Brewer, Ph.D., President at Brewer Science. You can follow the relevant people/organizations from the seminar here: 
  3. Publisher Ellen Sherberg welcomed us in. Terry Brewer began with some introductory comments. 
  4. So, panelists went into their background with STEM and what them got involved. Many of their comments point to education and mentorship as powerful drivers for students to get involved in the Missouri STEM community early.