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Innovation Inspiration: What was said at St. Louis Business Journal's Innovation Summit

On June 19 at the Danforth Plant Science Center, the St. Louis Business Journal brought together innovative leaders in the St. Louis business community to chat about what drives innovation. Here's what they said. To see more thoughts, follow the Twitter hashtag #InnovateSTL.


  1. Before we start, here's an awesome visualization (a key theme that emerged during the panel) from Kevin Dulle, self-described Graphic Strategist/Collaborator/Visual Translator and owner of The thINKing Canvas. Cool, no?
  2. Here's who was featured on the panel:
    Pat Masidonski
    Associate Dean, Walker School of Business & Technology, Webster University

    Michael Chandler
    Executive Director, Co-Founder, XperienceLab

    Michael Holmes
    President, RxOutreach

    Deborah Barta
    Vice President, MasterCard Labs-Simplify Commerce
  3. And here's what was said:
  4. And we started, with publisher Ellen Sherberg giving introductions. 
  5. Michael Chandler started us off by giving a definition of innovation.
  6. Michael Holmes then chimed in with his definition.
  7. The conversation turned to how to manage change and culture within an organization. Visualization and communicating innovative culture in ways that connect with employees was a key point.