@MattBinder reveals the truth about #GamerGate's anti-bullying hero Mike Cernovich with his own tweets.


  1. UPDATE: Added Mike Cernovich's views on murder.
  2. Mike Cernovich, "based lawyer", as the GamerGaters call him, recently launched an attack on Anil Dash in an attempt to wrangle PR against the likes of Gawker Media for making jokes about bullying. He's since risen to prominence in their ranks.
  3. Matt Binder took to Twitter to call him out on his bullshit. First, the recent tweets.
  4. Matt's retweets of Mike show that Mike has a history of bullying people, including telling someone to kill themselves.
  5. As some of his tweets suggest, Mike may be in GamerGate for selfish reasons unrelated to any love for video games.
  6. Matt points out how Mike is transphobic based on his own tweets.
  7. This part gets bad. Check out what he thinks of rape.