Give Your Own Back a Massage by Yourself


  1. There is nothing more comfortablethan relaxing right at home with DIY back massage therapy. Regularly going tospas or health centers is a good way to relax. However, it may require a largebudget for the frequency of going outside. That’s the reason why DIY techniquesare becoming popular in this day and age. It is surprisingly convenient thatyou don’t need any support from therapists or get involved into anycomplication. These methods are very simple, safe and cheap. If you are lookingfor an efficient way to relax yourself, keep on reading this article. Ithonestly shows simple techniques for everybody to easily follow.
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  3. Use a ball to massage your back
  4. To apply this technique, youshould purchase a random ball with any size. Then, the responsibility of yourback is pressing the ball against the wall. Try to create circular motions torelieve tight knots on your back. For reaching the better massaging experience,regularly change the ball between small and large size is an importantrequirement.
  5. Apply a foam roller to treat lower back

    This technique doesn’t requireyou to undress your clothes. You could use a soft towel, blanket, or yoga matto replace the foam roller. Now, all you have to do is putting the roller onthe floor and lying face up against the roller. Slightly move the roller up anddown toward your vertebrae. After you discover your painful areas, startrolling with the minimum of 30 seconds. This helps relieve your pressure pointsin an effective way.
  6. Ways to relieve knots on your back
  7. Heat and cold are two opposite methodsto relieve pressure knots on your back. Cold is a good way to reduce yourinjuries. Apply cold method within 20 minutes and 3 times per week bringsimmediate benefits to you. For chronic back pains, heat is a better option. Youcan use a hot shower or heating pad in 15 to 20 minutes to defeat pressurepoints of your body.
  8. Things to consider

    It is advisable for you tocontrol your posture in the right way. Some basic reasons causing to back painsinclude sitting in front of the computer too long, carrying heavy furniture andmore. That requires you to remain good habits such as regularly walking around,keeping your head slumping or lifting weights.
    Other positive exercises could belisted here, including doing aerobic exercises, taking up yoga, and more. Youhad better ask the doctor about the efficient ways to massage your own back. Takemedicines if your back problem is serious or it is in emergencies.
  9. On the other hand, one of thesimplest ways to massage your own back is applying different movements ofhands. Rub both hands together and make deep thumb with your fingertips andcircular pressures.
    All in all, basic self-massage providesultimate benefits to people. Does your back feel sore after hard-working days? Let’stry these simple techniques above. They guarantee to improve your generalhealth in a comprehensive way.