Simple, Affordable Touches Dramatically Improves Front Porches And Curb Appeal


  1. The way your front porch looks will create the first impression friends and passersby will have of your home. The money and creativity you invest in your front porch can go a long way in improving your home's curb appeal and its overall value. Today a growing number homeowners are opting to remodel their porches themselves with spectacular results. It reflects the research and imaginative elements they are putting into these DIY projects. Many homeowners have transformed the entrances to their homes and made them warmer and more innovative, unique and inviting. With just a little creativity and vision they are able to dramatically improve the look, feel and value of their homes. The following are a few of the best ones.
  2. Number One: Outside Living Room

  3. By adding a faux brick walkway as well as a gorgeous, practical long bench, this homeowner was able to transform their home. It's now more welcoming and has lots of space to relax. By adding much need color and improved landscaping, this once forgettable and lifeless property now has the vitality and class that brightens up the home and increase its curb appeal and its value. Even though they didn't add a faux brick wall, this property is now a highlight of the community.
  4. Number Two: Simple Charm

  5. Understanding how a remodeled front porch can highlight and fit seamlessly with their property and reflect their personality, this homeowner has managed to successfully give their home charm as well as classic appeal. The decision to use a wooden front porch is a great choice. It makes it possible to better enjoy crisp fall days and beautiful spring afternoons. By using coffee stacked stone panels they were able to complete the upgrades in just one day. The new stone panels complement the porch's light color. The durability and authenticity of the faux stone options make it easier for DIYers to reduce cost and labor while increasing the home's value, versatility and good looks.
  6. Number Three: Modern Update

  7. Although this home had a popular retro look, adding modern upgrades helps it to look and function even better. Replacing the old front porch and some of the dated landscaping with a spacious new deck, a concrete retaining wall and a trendy mid-century door makes this once hidden property stand out attractively and project beauty and comfort. It's a major improvement and one that adds a wonderfully modern look to the entire home.
  8. Number Four: Quirky Style

  9. This home had an avant garde look that the average person couldn't appreciate. By adding trim that is colorful and dynamic the porch now makes the Victorian architecture much more appealing and attractive. The quirky style of the now bold and bright porch makes this unique property turn heads and draw admiring looks. The renovations were spot on and dresses up the property in a way almost anyone can appreciate and enjoy.
  11. These are just a few remodeled homes that leave a pleasing impression without the homeowners spending big bucks to get a high-priced professional to add a faux brick wall to transform the front porch and with it the entire property. All it took was a little time to understand what subtle touches it would take to increase the home's value while making it more relaxing and better for entertaining.