Reaction to Metro Manners videos

  1. @metrolosangeles More etiquette reminders needed. Stairs-Left walk/right stand. RESPECT seats for the elderly/disabled. People have to exit 1st, then enter 😠
  2. @metrolosangeles Instead of talking about seat hogging, how about getting more security on the buses so people can feel safer riding them. Rude drivers also!
  3. This feels like someone got stoned while watching Yo Gabba Gabba & 80s Japanese shows, then took a bus. I LOVE IT! 
  4. @metrolosangeles Your ideal rider appears to be someone not burdened down by their goods or bikes. But that's not reflective of who your core ridership is.
  5. @metrolosangeles Point being, it's great the star and the producing team have as many social media followers as they do (as your press release states)...
  6. @metrolosangeles But it would be even better if they had actually ever ridden Metro...
  7. Is YOUR region's transit agency doing J-pop homages to mass transit etiquette? I don't think so. 
  8. Here's Metro leading the way in creative #publictranpo content. Funny, strange, and really freakin' awesome. Well done, @metrolosangeles. 👏👏 
  9. @metrolosangeles Also, I wrote this a couple of years ago about Seoul's rail system. Please use these tips for happy travel: