1. There are three reasons why I love the Tate Modern Museum in London.
  2. Entrance to most museums in London is free, so that's a given. My special reasons for loving the Tate Modern Museum in London are:
  3. 1. Free WiFi.
  4. When you travel to London from elsewhere, you really don't need to buy a local Smartphone SIM card for sharing on the web. I turn on AIRPLANE MODE, then turn on WiFi.

    When you are not connected to WiFi, you can still take photos with Instagram, and click SHARE. Those uploads will FAIL. 

    Then when you go to a place like the Tate Modern that has FREE WiFi, you can retry, and everything will be uploaded.
  5. 2. You can take photos. 
  6. Art is made to be shared. At the Tate Modern, people take photos, but it's not annoying or overwhelming.
  7. 3. Modern art can inspire. 
  8. Hey, it's modern art. Some of it is great, some not so much. I'm inspired to go down to my basement and throw some leftover house paint onto a canvas. Stay tuned. ;-)
  9. Here's some art I created while at the Tate Modern. I call it: Mild Cheddar.