The London EDITION is a great hotel

When looking for a hotel to stay in for a couple of days at the end of a recent trip, I chose Marriott's London EDITION. It's fairly new, modern, and the service is top class.


  1. No rain. ;-) Best. Umbrella. @EDITIONHotels #LondonEDITION @AHotelLife
    No rain. ;-) Best. Umbrella. @EDITIONHotels #LondonEDITION @AHotelLife
  2. Service here is really good. 
  3. The entrance says old London with a touch of modern. 
  4. Berner's Tavern located just off the lobby, is available for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. 

    Note: For Gold Marriott Rewards members, breakfast is not included.
  5. There's a very impressive collection of wall hangings, but quantity does not equal quality. I was impressed with the overall view, but not the individual pieces of art.
  6. The focal point of the room is the bar.
  7. I took a lot of photos of the bar.
  8. We enjoyed and easy to drink hotel special Lager.
  9. EDITION Crafty Lager. Cheers!
    EDITION Crafty Lager. Cheers!
  10. Comes in a special mug.
  11. EDITION Crafty Organic Lager
    EDITION Crafty Organic Lager
  12. The room was very large and modern. The nightstand had a speaker dock that fit my iPhone 5. Great for charging. The room also had a US power adapter. Huge TV with great image quality.