The First Presidential Live Streamed Tweet

Barack Obama made the first live streamed tweet during the first presidential twitter town hall. One thing happened though, President Obama tweeted on the @whitehouse account in stead of his own @barackobama account. LOL Later on his @whitehouse tweet was RT'd by the @barackobama twitter account.


  1. I didn't get to go down to Washington to attend the Twitter Townhall, but these people did.
  2. The First Presidential Tweet
    The First Presidential Tweet
  3. The president started off the live stream of the townhall by making the first live streamed presidential tweet. He used the @whitehouse twitter account instead of his own, @barackobama.

  4. Later on the tweet was retweeted under the @barackobama account.
  5. You can watch the archived video of the event:

    Twitter Town Hall - Video.

    ...and the tweet:

    President Obama Tweets from the White House - Video.