The Cable Show Boston 2012

The Cable Show is an annual event for cable channels, content providers, and hardware manufacturers to get together to see how they might work together. I went with a media pass to check it out.


  1. Many of the big booths were at the front of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC) show floor.
  2. As soon as I walked in, I saw Rachel Maddow signing copies of her book at the msnbc booth.
  3. Just beyond her was Chris Matthews.
  4. Discovery Communications had the LARGEST screen at the show. It was impressive. Around the corner was a smaller 3D screen you could see without needing glasses.
  5. This was a live broadcast going on from the show floor. I couldn't hear what they were saying thought since there was no sound hooked up to amplify their voices to the show floor.
  6. Megyn Kelly of Fox News was signing autographs. 
  7. WCVB's Kelley Tuthill was getting a demo of the new Comcast technologies. The new X1 box has a great user interface, and can also be controlled by an iPad or iPhone. I've got a TiVo interface loaded on top of my existing Comcast box. I'm excited to be able to try out this new interface. Comcast also has a new TiVo-like remote which looks nice. This new tech is being rolled out to new triple play users first.  I heard it'll work on existing boxes too, but I also heard that the new X1 box also has a modem in it, kinda like your Cable Modem for internet connection, so I'm not sure yet how the new software features will compare on the new X1 box vs. the existing boxes. We'll see.

    Also, the iPad in the photo was being demonstrated as a controller for the X1. You swipe on the iPad and the cursor moves on the TV. I'll have to try it myself to see how I find that interface.

  8. The new Comcast X1 cable box is going to have Shazam built in so you'll be able to identify programs and be taken to more information.
  9. Shazam Inbuilt into Comcast Xfinity X1 Platform
    Shazam Inbuilt into Comcast Xfinity X1 Platform
  10. This was a demo of the new Comcast voice capabilities. On the screen is a demo of how you can send a text message.
  11. NExt up I took a look at Skype on Xfinity.
  12. Hanging w @stevegarfield checking out Skype on xfinity at Comcast #cable12
    Hanging w @stevegarfield checking out Skype on xfinity at Comcast #cable12
  13. The interface box had nice labels on every port. You don't often see that. Impressive.
  14. The Skype set up kit has been designed to make it easy to install.