SHARE: Type or select a circle or person. Where's PUBLIC?

On Google+, sometimes when you go to SHARE something, PUBLIC is not there. Where is it?


  1. I wanted to share this Joy of Tech comic on Google+, but when I did, there wasn't a PUBLIC option available to me under SHARE.

  2. No PUBLIC option.
  3. I decided to share the post with the EXTENDED CIRCLES option.

    Then I went back to Incoming, where I initially saw the post, and added Serge K. Keller to my circles. No change. PUBLIC was still not an option.

    Serge has shared it with a LIMITED CIRCLE, so my sharing was then limited also.

  4. I went back and I added Snaggy from Joy of Tech to my circles and the PUBLIC option appeared, over on Snaggy's post.

    Note: Serge's was still limited.

  5. So I shared it again, with the PUBLIC option.
  6. Take a look at the PUBLIC post on Google+.

    Seems like you have to have the original poster in your CIRCLE to be able to SHARE their post in PUBLIC, AND they need to have also SHARED it as PUBLIC.

    Am I right?