Seth Godin at MIT 1/23/13

I went to see Seth Godin at MIT to hear him talk about his new book, The Icarus Deception. Seth gave a great talk, I met him, but what happened after the talk was amazing.


  1. I tweeted out a few links from his talk:

  2. At these events, Seth has been choosing individuals to give short talks that he called Icarus Talks. The rules are simple, you have one hundred and forty seconds to share your art with the audience. No pitching allowed.

    CC Chapman was chosen to give one this week and while he  couldn’t pitch The Cleon Foundation directly, he certainly shared his vision and goals.

  3. Cleon Foundation - Icarus Talk at MIT - January 23, 2013
  4. After his talk, you could get in line to meet Seth. One rule though, was that you couldn't use your own camera to take a photo, you have to let him have his photographer for the night, CC Chapman, take the photo. All the photos were up on Flickr the next day.

    What a great idea. Does away with all the fumbling people who 'need to take just one more shot' to get a good photo.