Ramon De Leon Teaches me How to use Video Tweets to Connect with Customers

Ramon De Leon uses social media to connect with customers at his six Domino's Pizza stores in Chicago.


  1. Talking with Ramon De Leon at Blog World Expo was a treat. He was sharing stories with me about how he uses video and twitter to connect with people around the world. People are blown away by getting a personal video message from Ramon in response to a tweet.

  2. After I tweeted about being with Ramon and talking about pizza and video, My friend @averagebetty tweeted at us.

    It was the perfect time to respond with a video tweet from Ramon, as he was just talking about.  So I got on the iPhone and from the Twitter iPhone client, I recorded a message from Ramon and tweeted it out.

  3. It was really fun to hang out with Ramon and see him put into practice the use of video on twitter.

    You can read more about Ramon in this Fast Company article, Learn to Make the Pizza and Other Insights for Future Leaders.