New England International Auto Show

The Ne England International Auto Show Is at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, January 17-21, 2013. I got a pass and took a look at what's new. Here are my photos.


  1. My current car is a 2000 New Beetle. It's not that new anymore. I can't even believe that I've owned this car for almost 13 years. It's the longest I've ever owned a car. 

    Over my car owning history I've owned a Ford, Toyota Celica, Honda, and a couple of Saabs.

    The Beetle is still running ok, but needs shocks. I've been thinking back to all the times I've purchased a new car, and can remember saying, "why did I wait so long to do this?"

    So the Auto Show was a shopping trip for me.
  2. The first car I saw was the Toyota Prius. It sure did stand out because of it's color. I've rented one before, on vacation, and liked it most when it was in electric mode. Driving an electric car makes me think that I'm living in the future.
  3. Lets Go Places Toyota Prius. Color: Habanero! #autoshow
    Lets Go Places Toyota Prius. Color: Habanero! #autoshow
  4. Ford was showing a classic Mustang that had been made into a pool table. Very fun.  I always liked the Mustang.
  5. New for 2013 Ford Mustang Pool Table  #autoshow
    New for 2013 Ford Mustang Pool Table #autoshow
  6. Inside, you can see the system is Powered by Microsoft SYNC. Would b cool to see it powered by Apple. ;-)
  7. One car that seemed like it might be a good replacement for the Beetle is the Ford C-MAX
  8. The FIAT Abarth is cute, but too small for me. 
  9. When I first started working I had the chance to buy a Dodge Charger, but I didn't. That was a mistake. Still looks cook. I like when brands bring back the classic look of a car with new technology inside. This car was ery comfortable to sit in. 
  10. Here's the new Beetle in a convertible. I sat in a hard top too.  Since it's my current car, I felt comfortable in it. What's keeping me from buying it again is the problems that the 2012 version had with the power windows not closing. Poor quality control up front that took what sounds like a long time to resolve. 
  11. 2012 VW Beetle Window will not go up Problem Known Issue and still no fix
  12. I've heard very good things about the new Subarus and they also have a model that they co developed with Toyota.