MarketingProfs B2B Forum Photos 10/5/12

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  1. The fog lifts over day 2 at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum. There's a metaphor in there somewhere. #mpb2b #foggymorning
  2. Fog lifts over Day 2 at the B2B Forum. There's a metaphor in there somewhere...! #mpb2b
  3. Love how the marketoonist @tomfishburne says that "Publishing is a privilege." #mpb2b
  4. Amber Naslund & Matt Ridings dropping knowledge at #mpb2b
  5. #mpb2b KnowledgeVision charging station needs a lightning cable upgrade. Too soon?
  6. Good looking audience for my "Optimize the Sales Funnel" preso at #mpb2b
  7. One on one therapy sessions ...bring your problems and we'll help find solutions! #mpb2b
  8. @matthewtgrant is a stunner in his tux, sandals, and white socks. #mpb2b
  9. @annhandley takes her video appearances VERY seriously. #mpb2b
  10. Ardath Albee presenting at #mpb2b in Boston
  11. @chandadevi and my #mpb2b friends having a great lunch! Thanks @mprofsevents and sponsors!
  12. Wicked Pissah new shirt from #mpb2b
  13. Only @annhandley could get me into #Boston on a holiday weekend Friday. #mpb2b
  14. A Spirited Debate: Customer development vs. customer acquisition with @sharihudson @senseimarketing #debate2012 #mpb2b