MarketingProfs B2B Forum Photos 10/4/12

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  1. It's not enough to rock. Connect and create raging fans. @BrennerMichael #mpb2b
  2. #mpb2b Hat with my Warby Parker glasses.
  3. Three of my most favorite people in the world. #mpb2b
  4. Please set your cellphones to' I Was Raised Right' mode. @baratunde at #mpb2b
  5. @baratunde is on stage cracking us up at the b2b forum. Especially the photo in the wetsuit. #mpb2b
  6. "Please put you phones in I was raised right mode." - @Baratunde #mpb2b
  7. @baratunde shares lessons for our social world (and inspires a lot of laughs!) #mpb2b
  8. Baratunde Thurston : Greetings From the Future! #mpb2b
  9. Shout at an idiot about a thing. Baratunde Thurston #mpb2b
  10. Oh my... What the?... Oh Gosh! #mpb2b
  11. Refreshing content at #mpb2b conference.
  12. Westin View from 36th Floor #mpb2b