Marketing Profs B2b Day 2 Tw-Insta-Vining With Real Emotions

I TW-Insta-Vined the Marketing Profs B2B Conference and had a great time doing it. So many great people attended. Here are my highlights from day two. What does the fox say?


  1. The second day of the Marketing Profs B2B Conference started off with "What does the fox say?" For me. At Home.

    Jimmy Fallon shared this video, and I thought it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Ylvis performing 'What Does The Fox Say?' LIVE on Late night With Jimmy Fallon. This video has nothing and everything to do with the conference. It evoked more than one emotion and made me want to share it everywhere. So funny.
  2. Had to look up the original on YouTube. 117 Million Views! That's viral.
  3. Ylvis - The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]
  4. After making it in to the conference, I went in to this session on bringing people together in the real world. Bottom line, go to a bar and make it fun.
  5. THe Spiceworld joke was good.
  6. In this room conference attendees were getting one-on-one therapy. I guess marketing leads to issues. ;-)
  7. Second day in and I found a room with a pretty view. Took a quick photo from the door for you. Lots of backlight on this one. Seems like people were in to it.
  8. Best session of the morning, Content marketing in the age of crap. The room was packed, standing room only, except for hte people who were sitting on the floor. I walked up to the front and got a seat in the second row. ;-)
  9. I attended this session because it said CRAP in the title. It was a good choice. Doug Kessler is great. He started strong, by making fun of his first slide that has the pooping dog on it.

    He had me at crap.
  10. For some reason he couldn't play videos, so I linked to them.
  11. I love Big Ass Fans. Funny story on how they were named. A guy walking into the factory and said, "Those are some big ass fans."