1. Just released. 

  2. Video:
  3. Introducing Video on Instagram
  4. They showed a nice video at the roll out. It's in landscape mode. Can you now shoot video on you smartphone with Instagram in landscape mode. 


    You can't.
  5. Video on Instagram: Landscape mode or not?
    Video on Instagram: Landscape mode or not?
  6. I know that Instagram is is based on square images, BUT video is based on landscape images. The video is beautiful, but it's misleading. 

    Plus, Instagram for Video perpetuates the problem on people shooting VERTICAL videos. 
  7. My second Instagram Video was STUCK Processing. Just never finished.

    I rebooted. 

    The video was lost. 

    That's unacceptable.

    When I worked with Qik on smartphone video, they put in the Steve Garfield Fix that meant video recorded locally and you would never lose anything.  

    I'll never use Instagram Video for anything important.