Havas Moves into Old Filene's Building

Today, August 25, 2014, is the day when Havas employees move into the old Filene's building in Downtown Crossing.


  1. My friend Julie Hall, Managing Director, Havas PR New England, gave me a sneak peek at the new office space.
  2. The new building is just across the street from Macy's, where Filene's used to be.
  3. That 'big hole' that everyone talks about is next door. You can see the development of that space from the Havas offices. Havas is going to have an outside deck the length of the building. 
  4. As part of the design of the new office space, Havas incorporated parts of the old Filene's building. Here's a close  up of the base of the reception desk. I think this used to be a heating grate. It's a very cool retro look.
  5. Inside one of the floors you can see the open office design. All employess will get a pair of Havas headphones. Hall says that this is similar to the New York office design. When asked how introverts would be able to work in the space, she says that they won't have a problem. In practice, the office is quiet.
  6. There are no private offices, but there are also 64 conference rooms. These spaces could be used to grab some alone time, or to have meetings. Each conference room will have a name that relates to Filene's. I don't have the list of room names, but I heard that 'shoes' is one name. They had plenty to choose from. 
  7. There's cool design all around including some old windows.
  8. Here's a look at the E.B. Horn Building next door.
  9. There's a TV production studio with ISDN lines. It's also going to be available to rent. I'll be interested in taking a look at that when it's up an running. 

    Maybe I'll bring back SteveGarfield.tv LIVE?
  10. The Downtown Crossing area is changing, and bringing in around 600 more people each day is great for the area. Just up the street is a beautiful new Caffé Nero. I checked it out on my way back to the Chinatown Orange line T stop. Can't wait for it to open in Jamaica Plain.
  11. Good luck in the new space.