Grilled Salmon with Vegetables

My friend CC Chapman had a post on his Digital Dads site about grilling. His dad shared a tip about tin foil dinners, so I tried it.


  1. CC suggested putting oil on the grill first. I use Weber GRILL 'N SPRAY.  You can even spray it on a hot grill.
  2. I slices some squash and zucchini and added olive oil and herbs de provence seasoning. Then I added some water before slowing up the tinfoil, like CC's dad suggested. 
  3. CC's Dad said: 

    "My grilling tip is VERY basic, but essential.

    When making "tin foil dinners", add a small amount (4 OZ.?) of water. Steams the vegetables and keeps whatever is on the bottom from burning (quite as much).

    What's a "tin foil dinner"? Ask CC or maybe Emily could explain it...?"

  4. I cooked salmon too, fresh from Whole Foods. Marinated with olive oil and chopped garlic. The grill is set to MEDIUM, OFF, MEDIUM, then closed for 15 minutes.  Note: I place the salmon in the middle so it gets cooked by indirect heat.
  5. Weber Grilling Method - MOM
    Weber Grilling Method - MOM
  6. Then I close the grill and go away for 15 minutes.
  7. Close the to and come back in 15 minutes cc @jess3
    Close the to and come back in 15 minutes cc @jess3
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  9. Grilled Salmon and Vegetables
    Grilled Salmon and Vegetables