Cooperstown, NY: See, Stay, Eat, and Drink

My wife, Carol, and I took a trip through the Finger Lakes region of New York. It was out first time through the area, and we found a lot to share. First up, Cooperstown, NY.


  1. We started out from Brookline, MA at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum. Seemed appropriate. 
  2. We too 90 West until we hit 87 North, then stayed on that until we hit 88 West. 
  3. First stop, Brewery Ommegang.
    656 County Highway 33, Cooperstown, NY 13326

    Distance per Google Maps:
    Drive 243 miles, 3 h 51 min
  4. While waiting for our tastign and tour to start, we had a beer at Café Ommegang. "The café is conveniently located behind the brewery in the visitor center. Enjoy casual bar seating with a friend, traditional "old world" communal dining with the family and our scenic patio during the warmer months."
  5. The website says tours and tastings run on the hour, but you have to account for full tours. So we did the tasting first, then the tour. 

    That tasting was great fun, with a very funny and knowledgable guide. The beer was served in cute little glasses because most of it has a high alcohol level.  I enjoyed all the beers. Here they are. 

  6. Rare Vos. Sly or sneaky fox. Also a bar in Brussels.
    Rare Vos. Sly or sneaky fox. Also a bar in Brussels.
  7. For the tour, they have they cool bowling shirts you can wear to protect your clothing. I just wanted to wear the shirt. I took it off right after this photo was taken. For the tour, you stand at the opening of the brewery and get to walk inside a little bit. It was somewhat noisy so when the tour guide looks away from you, you can't hear that well. 
  8. I booked this hotel based on good Travelocity reviews, and the photos on their website. 
  9. It really looks like this. A classic resort hotel.