Comcast Xfinity X1 Platform: First Look

I finally got rid of my old Comcast DVR with the TiVo interface. When I first got it, I was exited to have the TiVo experience on my Comcast box, but recently to box was freezing, requiring frequent reboots. I just got the new X1 box an here are my initial thoughts.


  1. xfinity X1 platform page
    xfinity X1 platform page
  2. Install Day

    Comcast rolled three trucks and three technicians to make sure my install went well. I think I was one of the first X1 installs in the Boston area. Nick, Duy, and Steevenson were really great. The install was very smooth and just took time waiting for the software download to complete.  After that, we looked through the features.  Let's take a look at some highlights.
  3. The X1 Box

    The box looks pretty nice. It's 14" W x 10" D x 2 1/2" H. 
  4. On the back of the box are a lot of ports. Here's a list, going from left to right:

    Cable In
    To TV
    HDMI Input 1, 2
    Audio/Video Out
    Comp Out
    HDMI HD to TV
    SD Card
    Digital Audio Out

    I wonder if we'll get access to any of these additional ports.
  5. Here's the X1 box when it's powered on. The clock was pretty bright, but you can adjust it!
  6. I went in to the Device Brightness setting and it was set to (9).
  7. I changed it to (1).
  8. Looks a lot better.
  9. You can even set both lights to OFF. Nice.

    In fact, the remote control uses RF technology so you can put the X1 box in a closet and you'll still be able to control it through the wall.
  10. Does this look strange to you? 7:20

  11. The first morning with the new box I looked up and thought that the '7' looked funny. I tweeted out the photo, and people agreed. It looks funny.  I've asked Comcast if this can be changed.
  12. The Remote

    The X1's remote, the XR2, is peanut shaped. like the TiVo remote. 
  13. Compared the TiVo remote, it doesn't match the ergonomics, but compared to the old Comcast remote, it's nicer. In the photo below, when you are comfortably holding the TiVo remote, you can use your thumb to change channels, up and down.