Brooke Burke-Charvet Claritin YouTube Ad Gets Results

I headed over to YouTube and this pre-roll ad for Claritin set me on a path to printing out a coupon for Claritin and watching two more Claritin videos. I'd say this campaign worked.


  1. The Difference is Clear - Trailer. Falling while jogging is funny. Brook Burke-Charvet is beautiful.
  2. The Difference is Clear - Trailer
  3. The video description says "On March 21st, "The Difference is Clear". Check back then for the full short film." That description needs an update AND they could add a link inside the video to to to the full short film.

    At the end of the video they do have an embedded link that says, "Click here for savings on non-drowsy Claritin." 

    That link goes to a coupon printing page where you need to install coupon printing software. I don't like doing it, but I did. I then clicked the Print Coupons button. No coupons printed right away. 

    A while later I tried again and they printed.
  4. Here's my coupon. Achoo!
  5. Photo on 5-24-12 at 9.08 AM
    Photo on 5-24-12 at 9.08 AM
  6. This is the Claritin YouTube Home Page. Nice design.
  7. The Difference is Clear - Full Length. 
  8. The Difference is Clear
  9. They've also got a Behind The Scenes video.
  10. Behind the Scenes - The Difference is Clear
  11. Nice job on that. Final on screen graphics needs to link to the Claritin YouTube page.

    Can YouTube videos link to YouTube pages?

    Now I need to go back and figure out what video I was visiting when this pre-roll came on. ;-)