Boston Media Makers - August 5, 2012

Boston Media Makers meets on the first Sunday of every month in Boston. The best way we've found to keep meeting notes is to use the #BMM hashtag on twitter. Here's the stream of tweets, Instagrams, photos and video.

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  1. August 5th was T-Shirt Day at Boston Media Makers in honor of our special guest Kerry Gorgone, who came up from Florida.  She made up a cool custom shirt!
  2. Kerry Gorgone & Her Special Shirt
  3. We were both instagraming photos while baking cake a while back. She saw my Irish Mist cake and said she wanted a piece, so I froze it until she got here. Here's the unwrapping.
  4. Steve surprises Kerry with Cake!
  5. I am eating this Irish Mist Cake and it is fantastic! #NOM Thanks, @stevegarfield! #bmm
  6. We start off with mingling from 10 - 10:30.
  7. Boston Media Makers Mingling
  8. Boston Media Makers Mingling
  9. Looking at a baby at Boston Media Makers
  10. Baby at Boston Media Makers
  11. August 2012 Boston Media Makers
  12. Steve gets the meeting started at 10:30 with an introduction.
  13. Steve Welcomes Everyone to the August 2012 Boston Media Makers
  14. Then we film a short Roll Call video so we have a record of everyone who was there that we can refer back to. 

  15. Recording Boston Media Makers Roll Call with XShot and iRig Mic
  16. Roll Call Video:
  17. Boston Media Makers August 5, 2012 Roll Call
  18. Then we go around the room and everyone introduces themselves and shares some good news, asks a question or does a show and tell. 
  19. August 2012 Boston Media Makers
  20. August 2012 Boston Media Makers